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Career Scope

Career Scope

The industry scope and different levels of technicians

(Scope of your potential career!)

  • The durable medical equipment (DME) industry is relatively new in terms of the advancement and development of standards and requirements.
  • The industry currently has approximately 11,000 technicians, and there is an expected increase in the wheelchair user population of 25% due to population increases and retiring baby boomers.
  • There are currently many opportunities for individuals with basic mechanical aptitude to find new careers within this growing field.
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What this new certification is all about

(Scope of your potential career!)

  • The DMERT certification is a new standard and benchmark in the durable medical equipment (DME) and complex rehab (CRT) industry
  • This DMERT Group is dedicated to the development and management of standards throughout the industry of durable medical equipment (DME) with governance over DME repair technicians
  • There are three levels of the new certification:
    1. LEVEL 1: Basic medical equipment from walkers and manual wheelchairs to hospital beds, scooters and Group 2 consumer power chairs. Click here to learn more about DMERT- approved Level 1 courses.
    2. LEVEL 2: CRT manual wheelchairs, Group 3 power chairs and basic seating adjustments and installation. Click here to learn more about DMERT-approved Level 2 courses.
    3. LEVEL 3: Technician trainer able to teach in community colleges or any other approved training venue. DMERT- approved Level 3 courses are coming soon.
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How to find the education to enter the industry

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The DMERT Group has partnered with U.S. Rehab to offer three different levels of certification to establish standardized training guidelines.

Click here to learn more about the DMERT- approved courses and how to purchase them.


For more information on the DMERT- approved training locations, please click on the link to search for the certification training and testing providers.


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Employment opportunities

(Scope of your potential career!)


Browse the job board for graduates from the college programs to seek and find employment within the industry of durable medical equipment.