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The DMERT Group

  • The DMERT Group is a non-profit set up to manage the development and guiding principles of the certification as a whole
  • The board of directors is designed to allow for as much industry partnership and collaborative development as possible
  • The board of directors the direction for the certification requirements, testing standards, and CEU requirements through the life of the certificate 
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Certification Information

DMERT Certification is the principle of creating a standard or benchmark of knowledge and skills each technician must possess and demonstrate.

DMERT Certification has three levels of training and skill requirement:

LEVEL 1: Basic medical equipment from walkers and manual wheelchairs to hospital beds, scooters and Group 2 consumer power chairs. Click here to learn more about DMERT- approved Level 1 courses.

LEVEL 2: CRT manual wheelchairs, Group 3 power chairs and basic seating adjustments and installation. Click here to learn more about DMERT-approved Level 2 courses.  

LEVEL 3: Technician trainer able to teach in community colleges or other approved training venue.

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Certification Value

There is value in having DMERT Certified Technicians on your team.

  • A DMERT Certified Technician is trained to troubleshoot an equipment repair more accurately, resulting in fewer field trips, saving fleet expenses and man-hours.
  • DMERT Certification shows dedication to knowledgeable, quality client services, setting your business apart from the competition.
  • A DMERT Certified Technician can improve client safety thru quality work and repair, potentially decreasing your company's liability.
  • The DMERT Certification program provides improved ability to determine a career path for potential technicians seeking employment.
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Technician Training & Education

There are multiple training opportunities and options for the CEU/CEC requirements and certification exams.

  • U.S. Rehab Tech Training: Four times a year U.S. Rehab travels throughout the United States providing a two-day, hands-on intensive tech training program led by multiple major manufacturer instructors  and offering up to 16 CECs (1.6 CEUs). Click here to learn more.
  • DMERT- Approved Courses: Rehab Tech Training, presented by FIOS DME Repair Training and available through U.S. Rehab, is dedicated to the standardized training guidelines upheld by DMERT Group and is DMERT approved accelerated education. Click here to learn more.
  • Online Education: U.S. Rehab and the major manufacturers offer online classes that qualify as DMERT-approved courses.  Click here to learn more.
  • DMERT Certification Exams: These hands-on competency exams are held four times a year throughout the country adjunct to U.S. Rehab Tech Training events. Additional DMERT Certification Exams are held as needed.

Download Certification Packet