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DMERT-Approved Courses



DMERT-approved courses include rehab industry related courses which provide the technician thorough understanding of  basic DME/CRT equipment and basic seating, including basic seating adjustments and installation.

DMERT Group, in association with U.S. Rehab, VGM Education and FIOS DME Repair Training, offers a 2-level online education program that is effective and consistent for training new and existing repair technicians. These DMERT Course Bundles provide the knowledge needed at each respective DMERT level:

DMERT Level 1 Course Bundle - Basic medical equipment, walkers and manual wheelchairs to hospital beds, scooters and Group 2 consumer power chairs

DMERT Level 2 Course Bundle - CRT Manual wheelchairs, Group 3 power chairs and basic seating and basic seating adjustments and installation


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DMERT Level 1

DMERT Level 1 courses cover basic medical equipment.

DMERT Level 1 courses are intended to provide a technician with a thorough understanding of basic medical equipment from walkers and manual wheelchairs to hospital beds, scooters, and Group 2 consumer power chairs.

  • Manual Equipment Foundations
  • Patient Lifts, Standing Frames, and Hospital Beds
  • Rollator, Walkers and ADLs
  • Lift Chairs
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Scooters: Components and Troubleshooting
  • Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchairs
  • Powerchairs
  • Motors
  • Batteries: Theory and Troubleshooting
  • Electronics Theory
  • Joysticks and Programming










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DMERT Level 2»

DMERT Level 2

DMERT Level 2 courses cover complex rehab manual and power wheelchairs.


DMERT Level 2 courses are intended to provide the tech with a thorough understanding of complex rehab manual and power wheelchair elements, including basic seating and basic seating adjustments and installation.

  • Manual Wheelchairs Advanced
  • Seating Basics
  • Seating Adjustments
  • Powerchair Powered Seating Repair
  • R-Net (PG Drives) Programming and Specialty Controls
  • Curtis (Q-Logic) Programming and Specialty Controls
  • Dynamic (LiNX) Programming and Specialty Controls

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DMERT Level 3

DMERT Level 3

DMERT Level 3 courses will be available soon!