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DMERT-Approved Courses



DMERT-approved courses include rehab industry related courses which provide the technician thorough understanding of  basic DME/CRT equipment and basic seating, including basic seating adjustments and installation.

Rehab Tech Training, presented by FIOS DME Repair Training and available through U.S. Rehab, is a 2-level education program that is effective and consistent for training new and existing repair technicians. The Rehab Tech Training education program provides the knowledge needed at each DMERT level of certification and is DMERT approved accelerated education.

Rehab Tech Training – Level 1 - Basic medical equipment, walkers and manual wheelchairs to hospital beds, scooters and Group 2 consumer power chairs

Rehab Tech Training – Level 2 - CRT Manual wheelchairs, Group 3 power chairs and basic seating and basic seating adjustments and installation


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DMERT Level 1

DMERT Level 1 courses cover basic medical equipment.

DMERT Level 1 courses are intended to provide a technician with a thorough understanding of basic medical equipment from walkers and manual wheelchairs to hospital beds, scooters, and Group 2 consumer power chairs.

  • Manual Equipment Foundations
  • Patient Lifts, Standing Frames, and Hospital Beds
  • Rollator, Walkers and ADLs
  • Lift Chairs
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Scooters: Components and Troubleshooting
  • Tilt-in-Space Manual Wheelchairs
  • Powerchairs
  • Motors
  • Batteries: Theory and Troubleshooting
  • Electronics Theory
  • Joysticks and Programming










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DMERT Level 2»

DMERT Level 2

DMERT Level 2 courses cover complex rehab manual and power wheelchairs.


DMERT Level 2 courses are intended to provide the tech with a thorough understanding of complex rehab manual and power wheelchair elements, including basic seating and basic seating adjustments and installation.

  • Manual Wheelchairs Advanced
  • Seating Basics
  • Seating Adjustments
  • Powerchair Powered Seating Repair
  • R-Net (PG Drives) Programming and Specialty Controls
  • Curtis (Q-Logic) Programming and Specialty Controls
  • Dynamic (LiNX) Programming and Specialty Controls

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